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We distribute factory-new consumer goods donations to social organisations


MateriaBona is a non-profit organisation, which distributes consumer goods (no food) to accredited social organisations.

MateriaBona receives donations of brand new goods from producers as well as trading companies, which are stored in a dedicated warehouse space. Subject to availability, those consumer goods will then be distributed to accredited social organisations, based on their orders in the MateriaBona webshop.

MateriaBona tries to match the surplus of consumer goods with accredited social organisations, which have a genuine need for such products and limited financial means. In addition, MateriaBona contributes to sustainability, since goods that cannot be sold are then often destroyed instead.

We supply those brand new goods, that would otherwise be destroyed, to people in need.

Article and interview in the Handelszeitung:
This start-up wants to do sustainable good

According to the Federal Statistical Office, around 745,000 people in Switzerland were affected by poverty in 2021. The start-up Materiabona wants to help precisely these people: “We pass on surplus consumer goods to social organisations, which then distribute the goods to those in need,” says co-founder Bjarne Bäth-Albertini, adding: “This is not only a social issue, but also a sustainability issue.” After all, shower gels, nappies, pacifiers, hand creams and toothpaste are all regularly overproduced or can no longer be sold on the open market due to minor defects such as misprints or misfillings.

Feature about MateriaBona on SRF
at “Gesichter & Geschichten”

Providing instead of disposing. This is the motto of the MateriaBona relief organization. Brand-new consumer goods that would otherwise end up in the trash are given to social institutions. Beatriz Schreib, a trained hotel manager, came up with the idea a few years ago. Since July 2021, she has been working as a team with Bjarne Bäth-Albertini, who works at SIX, on a voluntary basis for the good cause. Both juggle numbers and a huge amount of goods for this…

Our vision:
instead of disposing

Where do the products come from?

MateriaBona receives brand new and top quality products directly from producers or trading companies. They are then stored and distributed to accredited social organisations.

Products are donated for a number of reasons:

  • Overproduction
  • Special offers
  • Change of assortment
  • Insignificant error that does not diminish the use
  • New design

What does MateriaBona do?

Producers and trading companies donate day-to-day consumer goods (no food) for distribution to accredited social organisations, which are delivered to the warehouse of MateriaBona.

The products arrive at the warehouse of MateriaBona’s logistics partner. They are then added to the webshop where they can be ordered.

Accredited social organisations can order the goods in quantities they require and MateriaBona will then ship them accordingly.

You are a recipient

You are a accredited social organisation and would like to order brand new consumer goods for a fraction of their retail price and have them delivered directly to you? Then please register for free. After that, you will receive access to our online shop.

You are a product donor

You would like to operate in a sustainable manner and strengthen your corporate social responsibility (CSR)? Then please donate us your consumer goods that you cannot sell. We will distribute these only to accredited social organisations.

You are a financial sponsor

You would like to make a contribution to the environment and support accredited social organisations? So that we can realise our vision, we are dependent on the generosity of individuals and charitable institutions.