for Recipients

MateriaBona supports other social organisations to care for those in need in a cost-effective way.

You would like to order
with MateriaBona?

You need consumer goods (no food) and meet the following pre-conditions: 

  • Your are an accredited social organisation..
  • You send us proof concerning your charitable status.
  • You order the goods exclusively for the benefit of the people in need you care for or for the operation of your own accredited social organisation. Orders for members of staff or family are not permitted. 
  • Orders for members of staff or family are not permitted.

As soon as these pre-conditions are met, you will get access to our webshop where you can then order the required goods – subject to possible minimum order quantities. We charge a minimal fee, which is exclusively used to cover our expenses. Food items are not part of our product range. These you can find at the «Schweizer Tafel» and «Tischlein deck dich».

Please register for free to obtain access to our online catalogue.

Advantages for recipients

  • You can support more people in need.
  • You can order quantities to meet your requirements (no obligations, subject to possible minimum quantities).
  • You receive high-quality, brand new products at a small fraction of their retail value.
  • You save funds , which you then can use on your social causes.
  • You contribute to sustainability and environmental protection.
  • You can choose whether you want to collect the products yourself or have them delivered.

Why MateriaBona needs to charge a fee

Even as a social and not profit-oriented organisation, we incur charges for personnel, warehousing, and administration.

The fees cover only the charges mentioned above.

There are no transport charges, as MateriaBona absorbs the transport costs for you.

Organisations that we have supported

If you have further questions that have not been answered in our FAQ, please feel free to contact us: